Honeymoon (70)

Jessica Gunn (’89) — a force to be reckoned with: Those who know her know she’s feisty but sweet!

Jessica was born in Middletown, Ohio and moved around a lot before finally settling down in Sarasota, Florida. Once she was in her mid-teens, she was allowed to go on youth missions trips that traveled to places all around the world. Jessica got to go to China, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, Alaska, and Haiti. Since a very young age, she has known that she has wanted to travel the world, helping people in need, and finding solutions to everyday issues around the planet. Her #1 priority in life is to “see the need and fill it.”

In 2012, Jessica started Project Hazina, a foundation to provide basic needs to orphanages around the world. Hazina means treasure in Swahili. Project Hazina has provided pillows, blankets and mattresses to hundreds of children in Africa, and it is Jessica’s desire to develop it into a company by creating jobs for women and men in need and meeting the needs of orphanages all throughout the world. You can see what she is doing by going to the Project Hazina website.

The very thing Jessica will miss most on her RTW trip will be her family. Her family fosters and adopts children, so her family is very large. It will be very hard to leave her family knowing she will miss a stage of life  of her brothers and sisters. She will constantly be reminding herself that we are going to be creating inspiration for her family to do big and bold things in their futures.

While Jessica is at home she enjoys coffee dates with her girlfriends, trying new recipes, spending time with her family, curling up on the couch to watch a movie, eating out, running, laying by the pool, shopping, baking cupcakes, reading, going on walks and photography.

Chris Gunn (’87) — a self-described entrepreneur connecting people to resources that facilitate their futures. Chris was born in Jacksonville,

IMG_6470Florida, and currently calls his home Holmes Beach, Florida. Chris grew up in a family that loves travel. Every summer between school years, one or two vacations were taken to wonderful places. His only frustration was that many of the vacations were to the same places over and over. His family would do the same things, eat at the same restaurants, and go to the same sites. Chris – being one of the more adventurous people in his family- knew he wanted to travel the world in his lifetime from a young age and experience the things that aren’t comfortable to his life, culture and upbringing.

After his mother died when he was 18, Chris moved to Tampa, Florida to study Psychology at the University of South Florida. Graduating a few years later, he spent most of his days traveling with his family even more, meeting Jessica along the way, and trying to find his professional purpose as an adult. Chris is known as the person who encourages his friends to take the next step into what their life has to offer, so it is completely fitting that he would attempt a RTW trip. It is his goal to show his friends and the world that anybody who is willing to do the work to get out of the current life that they have can experience the life that they want to.

Chris enjoys many different things while at home including hanging out with other couples and having fun get-togethers, playing cards and going to the casino, going for walks at night, soaking in the hot tub, running races, organizing everything in sight, starting new businesses constantly, eating out, getting dessert at nice restaurants, feeding squirrels, making videos, light hiking, driving, golfing, and catching the occasional off-Broadway show.


Chris & Jessica Gunn (’10) – glued at the hip, deeply in love, and the perfect team!

Chris and Jessica met in 2009 on a missions trip to Mexico (in the San Diego, California airport). Chris was the team leader of Jessica’s team and it was forbidden due to company rules for either of them to desire, act like, or pursue a relationship for the week-long trip. After the trip ended, Jessica pursued Chris and he asked her out to lunch. After a 17-hour long date, they both knew that they were going to get married, and 11 months later, they tied the knot.

Since they were married, they have worked together, spending every waking moment in each other’s sight, and have enjoyed every moment. Many couples worry about what a RTW trip might be like since they have to spend 24-7 with their mate, and for Chris & Jessica, there is no doubt that it will be fun, easy and lighthearted!


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