Get Your Life Back Here!

Okay, so let’s face it…you have dreams you want to conquer, places you want to go and things you want to do. If you live a similar lifestyle to us, you will quickly find our that you are not alone in your dreaming and you’re certainly not alone by internalizing the question “how the heck Do we travel the world?” You’ve read books, read blogs similar to ours to pump you up, but there have been very few practical writings showing “this is how it’s done” to get you moving in the right direction. Some of the things we share here may be old news to you, but these are the things we have found to push people in the right direction. Or goal is to get you moving because you need to be following your dreams and get out of the dead end life that you’re sick of.


If you think that you are going to travel the world (on what money?), and you know that you know that you want it, you have to decide you are going to take the plunge and not look back. There are some key things here. First you are not allowed to look back. Looking back in a race gets the person in first place into second place. Keep your eyes on the prize. Secondly, you MUST have a target date to work toward. Finally, you MUST have a list of practical “to do’s” in order to get the goal accomplished.

Target Date
If you don’t have a reasonable target date set for your goal of traveling the world, then you need to create one. 1 to 2 years is healthy and realistic. It’s better to have a tight, yet manageable goal. 15 months is a great goal. Ours is January of 2014. We plan on celebrating Christmas and New Years with our families and hitting the road to our first destination.

Practical To Do List
Obviously the thing really holding anyone back from doing something like this is money. Money is the root of our frustrations and the very thing that keeps us from getting from A to C. Below is a list of some of the practical things we are doing to get our dreams moving. Some make you money, and some don’t. Follow these steps and you’ll be that much closer to your future.

1. Simplify your lifestyle
If you can’t live a simplified lifestyle, you’re going to have a difficult transition out in the field when you don’t have all the stuff that keeps you from making your goal happen. If you’re worried about not being able to carry something because its heavy or impractical, then you probably don’t really need it anyways. You people who have a ton of stuff but are willing to get rid of it all are in the best position of anyone! You have commodities to sell which means you can start having yard sales and selling stuff on Amazon or Craigslist so you can start saving for your initial cash to be able to do this. By selling your stuff, you’ll begin to feel the transition into your new life and see the results.

2. Pay off your debts
One of the best ways that is semi-practical to do is to go down to one car. Most people don’t realize that it’s easier than you think, but sacrifice has to be made with freedom, flexibility, and time. Are you willing to sacrifice for this or not? If your payment is $260 a month plus $100 for insurance, you now have 360 a month and $4320 a year to put toward your main flights or your debts. Hey, it’s a start! If you need some tips to help you get out of debt visit Dave Ramsey’s website to get plenty of podcasts and tips to get going. You may find yourself sitting a lot. If you have a laptop and Internet access, getting rid of your second car will give you the tie to work on #3!

3. Start an online company
We will go much deeper into this because it seems that there are few people that actually go deep into this subject. By discussing the concept of starting an online company you get into this “how do you get rich” mentality that no one really has the answer for. There are only practical tips that can be given to a certain point, but then you must think about what you’re going to do, get rid of your poverty mentality and create a semi-retired lifestyle. There are many ways to create a manageable online company, but you’re going to have to commit to learning and conquering the very fears that have held you back from your goal of traveling the world. Only you are holding you back! The time to start is now!

4. Dream again.
If you want to create ways to get to your new life, you have to start to dream again. What happened to the days when people said that you could be anything you wanted to be? If you want to be an astronaut, then you can certainly be! Obviously NASA is dead, but nothing has changed for you except your age and the amount of time to learn the subject. Challenge yourself to start dreaming again. We will discuss a practical list of ways to start dreaming again. As you start to dream, creativity develops and ways to get the things you want in life start to surface. The more you dream, the more the person inside of you gets to be released, and the happiness in your life can be developed. Dreaming is practical, not fanatical. Set a goal to create 5 dreams by next week. Then start to make them happen.

5. Make a list of where you want to travel to.
State how long you want to stay there and why. Don’t just say you want to go to Egypt for a month because you want to see the pyramids. The longer that you are there, however, the cheaper it usually is. Create a reasonable budget for yourself while you are there. Most places, about $3,000 a month would leave you and a partner living very well. Sure you can do it for less, but we have no intention of backpacking and roughing it, just as we don’t have intentions of lodging every night in the Ritz-Carlton. Don’t short change yourself, but don’t create unrealistic goals. Given the amount of time before you leave, it should be reasonable to create a $3,300 a month (we tithe) income for yourself.

6. Get in shape
If you’re a typical American, you sit in a car for 2 hours, sit at a desk for 8 hours, eat too many calories that you aren’t burning, and get too little of sleep. Guess what? You’re fat. Getting in shape is a little (big) thing that you can do in your life now that can keep you in shape for your new traveling lifestyle. Let’s face it, you don’t need to look wider than the Eiffel Tower in your pictures because of your fat hips. Simply start by walking every day. Start with a mile, and work to about 5. You’ll be walking every day when you leave, so it’s important that you don’t get there and miss half the town because you’re too tired to walk it. We will provide tips to get Jillian Michaels’ arms and have 10% body fat.

7. Soak up your current life
This is probably the most important step of them all! If you can’t appreciate the small things in life, you’ll never truly appreciate things you’ll see somewhere else. Get closer to your friends and family in the year leading up to your departure. Explore your town and surrounding areas more. Learn how to enjoy your life even if you hate everything about it. The key to enjoying your life is to start looking at the world around you through a child’s eyes. Start asking more questions, and start admiring smaller things like leaves. Ask yourself how a tree grows and lead yourself to asking how many types of trees there are in the world. When you begin to see the beauty of the world around you, you’ll find that there is even more…and that is why we’re doing this.

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